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This Week: New Texting Laws, T-D Discovers Hipsters, Burger Week Wrap-Up + More

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-4 New laws go into effect allowing police to pull you over for texting and driving, which can land you a ticket and a $125 fine. Which you can pay online. Using your smart phone. While driving.

-1 In a Sunday feature, The Richmond Times-Dispatch introduces hipster culture to its readers. To follow in the series: "Planking 101," "Those Bucket-Drummer Kids" and "Mosh Pits: Fact or Fiction?"

+3 Less than a month after 8 News gets a new owner, CBS-6 is purchased as part of a Tribune acquisition. NBC-12 would be up for sale too, but no company on earth can afford Andrew Freiden's dressing-room demands. That guy is the Mariah Carey of forecasters.

-2 Speaking of CBS-6, after a reporter asks about a bankruptcy that's 20-plus years old, Richmond's new finance director Dominic Ochei is out at City Hall. Fortunately, he's been snapped up by the IRS.

+5 Nearly 30 restaurants participating in Style Weekly's RVA Burger Week report hundreds of pounds of beef sales. According to our calculations, that's enough to reconstitute an entire herd of cows. Suck it, Chick-fil-A!


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