The Score

This Week: one drunken weekend, Maggie Walker ranking, washing-machine brawl + more.


+8 Mother's Day brings out the brunches, greeting cards and well-wishes in homes and restaurants across the city. Because nothing says "thanks for bringing me into this world and dealing with all my crap" like two minutes in the card aisle of CVS.

+6 We get two wine festivals, a beer festival and a seafood festival with all-you-can-drink brew — in a single weekend. Is this a festival infestation or an infestation of festivals? Either way, by the time the cicadas invade we'll all be too drunk to notice.

-7 Caroline County officials, residents and some local Islamic leaders express outrage over the secret burial of Boston bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev at a cemetery near Kings Dominion. No plans to update the tourist attraction brochures.

+5 Students, teachers and administrators at Maggie L. Walker Governor's School for Government and International Studies revel in a ranking from Newsweek and the Daily Beast as the 14th best public high school in the country. Nerds rule!

-2 The Richmond Times-Dispatch reports on a fight over washing-machine noise between South Side neighbors, in which police charged a woman with aggravated assault for using pepper spray on another. Next time, ladies, can't you just Shout it out?

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