The Score

A weekly rating of the city zeitgeist.


-4 With its scouting-for-ideas trip to Denver done, the Greater Richmond Chamber says next year’s intercity visit will take city officials and business folks to Tampa, Fla. So get ready for Richmond’s Next Big Thing: A pirate-themed entertainment district anchored by steakhouses and strip clubs. In other words, Norfolk. *


+5 With shows across town, RVA Fashion Week celebrates its fifth year and closes on a high note. Now everyone can exhale and go back to looking schlubby.

+4 Rugged Maniac draws 4,500 adventure seekers to Petersburg, where they tackle a 5-kilometer obstacle course over walls, down a water slide and through tunnels of mud. Proving that you can race through a muddy field in Petersburg without stumbling over Confederate bones.

-2 Speaking of mud, the television ad battle for Virginia governor begins, with Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe running his first statewide ad alongside Republican Ken Cuccinelli. Yet again our TVs are held hostage by three undecided voters.

+3 The city kicks off a Bicycle Commuter Challenge, with the mayor encouraging people to log miles biked to work, leading up to a Bike to Work Day on May 17. Extra cool points if you double a friend or co-worker on the handle bars.

* With credit for inspiration from @richmondgl, @sarvay and @themarinara.

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