The Score

This Week: RVA Earth Day, cancer-fighting ball players, impending cicada madness + more.


+8 Thousands of Richmonders become one with nature, celebrating Earth Day with free festivals, riverside fun and outdoor adventures. Then there was the dude we saw recycling a PBR can into a bong.

-2 Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling, a Republican who explored running for governor as an independent, tells the T-D that he regrets dropping out of the race so soon. See? This is the kind of bold decisiveness we're going to miss in Virginia's next governor.

+3 Richmond School Superintendent Yvonne Brandon says she's stepping down, a mutual decision between her and the School Board. But considering how many city school kids play hooky, she'll still be seeing a lot of them out and about.

+2 The University of Richmond's baseball players and coaches shave their heads, the student newspaper reports, raising $6,612 for the Vs. Cancer Foundation. We haven't seen this many bald athletes since the Shriners zipped around in those little cars at the Christmas parade.

-4 Bug experts give a heads-up for a glut of cicadas soon to hit Richmond, a major swarm season described in the Washington Post as a "frenzy of sex and death" that will last as long as six weeks. Where do we sign up?

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