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This Week: Wet Easter Parade, April Fool's and More Mumps


+6 Despite the damp weather, thousands of people turn out for Monument Avenue's Easter on Parade festival, trotting out their dressed-up dogs, wacky hats and pastel-heavy attire. This is how we imagine cotillions at the Country Club of Virginia.

+4 Groovin' in the Garden continues to reveal its concert series lineup at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, which includes Iron & Wine, Josh Ritter and Carbon Leaf. Opening acts include Beer & Wine, Bug Spray and the Awkward Makeouts.

-1 After reports of mumps at the University of Richmond, VCU confirms a case on its campus. Proving that even heated cross-town rivalries can be overcome by a few shared beers, a little smooching and a virus or two.

-2 Fake news stories, prank jokes and little white lies entertain residents across the area on April Fool's Day. This must be what it's like to work in politics.

+3 Richmond police say employees of a South Side McDonald's thwarted an armed robber by hitting him and keeping him detained until police arrived. Until they found out it was just that kooky Hamburglar! Then they all just sat around and had a good laugh.

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