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-4 The Richmond-filmed "Lincoln" has a disappointing showing at the Oscars, though Daniel Day-Lewis wins lead actor and production design takes a trophy. When is the Academy going to finally recognize the contributions of the RVA Beard League?

+1 State lawmakers scatter after the General Assembly session comes to a close, with headlines focusing on the passage of a measure raising $880 million to address the state's transportation woes. Someday we'll wise up and sell Northern Virginia to Maryland.

+5 The sixth annual Virginia Wine Expo sets an attendance record over the weekend, pulling in some 9,000 people and growing by 15 to 20 percent from the previous year. Can no one see the get-rich-quick possibilities of a next-door Cheese Convention?

-2 Mysterious overnight roars that wake up startled residents turn out to be Marines performing helicopter training exercises in local skies. Either that or Gene Cox was off his medication again, trampling through dark alleys and overturning trash cans.

+1 A sandwich at the University of Richmond with chicken, bacon, shallots, tomatoes, cheese and hot sauce, served up on a telera roll, is named "sandwich of the month" by Food Management Magazine. And if you really want to get crazy, wash down that telera roll with a Harlem Shake.

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