The Score


+7 Richmonders celebrate love on Valentine's Day with dinners, candy, flowers and all that other heart stuff. Related: Stores also report a sudden rush on Kleenex, Haagen-Dazs, Hugh Grant movies and batteries.

-5 Speaking of love, an online dating site for married people seeking affairs names Richmond to the No. 6 spot in its ranking of "America's Least Faithful Cities." If Virginia is for lovers, then Richmond is for easy lovers.

+4 Legend Brewing Co. celebrates its 19th anniversary, kicking off what it says will be a yearlong party heading into its 20th year milestone. Its 21st year will be locked away in a dark, quiet room with unlimited access to Advil.

+6 Virginia lawmakers strike down legislation that would have allowed government officials in Henrico and Chesterfield counties to impose a meals tax without voter referendums. It's like the Jamestown colonists said, "No taxation for dinner reservations."

+3 The Westwood Club prepares to host the Davenport North American Open, a top-level professional squash tournament that promises to bring the world's best squash players to face off in Richmond. Let's just say it: Racquetball is for Neanderthals.

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