The Score


-4 A new strain of the norovirus named Sydney, a "vomiting bug" working its way around the world, strikes in Richmond. Which explains that awkward bucket next to the podium at the mayor's State of the City address.

-5 Uncertainty is raised about the job stability of Richmond Police Chief Bryan Norwood, after he loses out as a finalist for the same position in Raleigh, N.C. Cheer up, chief, things could be worse. At least you aren't the Harbaugh brother who lost the Super Bowl.

+1 The T-D reports that the city wants public feedback on landscaping at the new Redskins training camp, after botching communications about workers cutting down some 100 trees in a park area there. RGIII's already put in a request for a wheelchair-accessible walking trail.

+4 The low-power, big-attitude and widely local Richmond Independent Radio WRIR-FM 97.3 celebrates its eighth birthday. And the fundraising drive to buy next year's ninth candle is already under way.

+1 Aspiring entertainers turn out to Kings Dominion to audition as singers, actors and people inside those furry suits. Daniel Day-Lewis is spotted around the theme park shoeless and eating comically oversized ribs as he becomes completely enveloped in the role of Frederick Flintstone.

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