The Score


-4 A Swift Creek Elementary School teacher makes headlines after being arrested and charged with possession of heroin on school property. Hey, when you're trapped with a bunch of kids expecting a snow day, you gotta find a way to cope.

-5 Richmonders grapple with their first miniscule snowfall of the year, closing schools, emptying grocery stores and generally driving like maniacs. It's like we're a bunch of Mayan timekeepers.

+7 Some Richmonders travel to Washington to participate in the festivities surrounding President Barack Obama's second inauguration. We'd ask them how things went, but they're still on Interstate 95.

-3 Another communication breakdown at City Hall causes confusion and outrage over altered plans and tree removal at the construction site of the Redskins training camp. At this point, are we sure we haven't been negotiating with the Dallas Cowboys?

+1 Jorge's Cantina announces that it's opening in the Fan with a peculiar concept that pairs "authentic Mexican cuisine" with George Washington, pictured in its logo wearing a sombrero and moustache. Finally, someone finds a way to link the father of our country with Speedy Gonzales.

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