The Score


+10 The 21st of December comes and goes with no apocalypse in sight. Expect a lot of 2013 Mayan calendars on eBay.

-2 There is, however, an end of the world for about 25,000 turkeys, with the Daily News-Record reporting on a poultry house fire in Rockingham County. If only the flames could have been extinguished with a big dousing of gravy.

+4 Despite a tough economic year, companies across the city squeeze out enough cash for holiday office parties. Except at Bill's Barbecue, where vodka finally makes its way into the limeades.

-5 The T-D confirms that one of the University of Richmond's most visible and generous alumni, Bobby Ukrop, has resigned from the board of trustees over the decision to replace men's soccer and track with lacrosse. He will be replaced by Martin's.

+6 Glowing houses strung with abandon take center stage during the peak weekend for tacky light displays. This coincides with the peak season for tacky sweater displays, which explains our sudden overwhelming urge to attend a flea market.

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