The Score

This Week: Drunken deputies, expensive utilities, toasted towing + more.


-5 A Henrico sheriff's deputy is stopped and charged with drunken driving as well as intent to distribute cocaine. Also, McGruff the Crime Dog was last seen hastily packing up his meth lab and hitting the road in a RV.

+2 Gov. Bob McDonnell passes on adding $150 million to his budget to help build a new sports arena in Virginia Beach to accommodate an unidentified NBA team. A "Real Housewives of the Flying Squirrels" reality television pitch was also shot down.

-2 City officials tell a Richmond woman she needs to pay more than $15,000 for an outstanding utility bill. Responded the Idaho family with the massive tacky light house show synced to dub step: "What's the story here?"

+3 Richmond Symphony gets a grant for $500,000 from the Cabell Foundation. The only catch: they have to raise $500,000 first. In a bid to reach hipsters, the symphony will be offering its next release on splatter vinyl.

+3 Seibert's Towing announces its Toasted Tow program to transport drunks and their cars home during the holidays for a $50 fee. But they can't tow away the shame and embarrassment of blacking out during the office Christmas party and making a pass at the boss' husband.

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