The Score


-1 Election Day comes and goes, with some people noticing that "E pluribus unum" is misspelled on many "I Voted" stickers. So, more than $2 billion spent on a presidential campaign and no one can afford a dictionary?

0 In the Senate race between Tim Kaine and George Allen, Gawker reports that Virginians register more than 6,000 write-in votes to Hank the Cat. There goes our chance at a chicken in every pot and some nip before every nap.

+6 Richmond gets an official screening of the "Lincoln" movie, preceded by several long speeches by local officials including Gov. Bob McDonnell. They clearly haven't heard of the Gettsyburg Address.

+4 More than 4,000 runners take part in the Anthem Richmond Marathon, which is won by Kipkoech Ruto, a 23-year-old from Kenya. And then he ran home. +4

+1 RVA Magazine acquires So many skinny jeans under one roof.

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