The Score


+6 President Obama holds a campaign rally at Byrd Park, where an estimated 15,000 people wait for hours to see him. Meanwhile, undecided voters were face down in a pile of their own drool, wondering what to eat for lunch.

-6 But a few days later, opponent Mitt Romney's plans for a rally at the University of Richmond's Robin Center are dashed by megastorm Sandy. Fortunately, thousands of empty chairs still show up in full force.

+4 Haunting the streets from Byrd Park to Carytown, around a thousand Richmonders dress as the undead for the annual Richmond Zombie Walk. If anyone found an overripe left eyeball around Belmont Avenue, hit us up on Facebook.

-7 Buying generators from the backs of trucks and stocking up on toilet paper, Richmond prepares to hunker down for the much-hyped Frankenstorm. Style Weekly's exclusive SuperHDStormPredictor gives your bowl of Halloween candy a 10 percent chance of lasting till Wednesday night.

+2 Richmond enters its final full week of political door knockers, campaign mailers and television ads in the run-up to Election Day. For once Richmonders were praying for a power outage.

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