The Score

This Week: Redskins Camp, HandsOn Day (and Beer), Ax-throwing Celts + more.


+2 The Washington Redskins settle on a site for summer training camp behind the Science Museum of Virginia, with the city announcing the main sponsor as Bon Secours. Is anyone else finally starting to believe there are secret plans to clone Robert Griffin III? Connect the dots, people!

+7 Rescued after a three-day search, Richmond veterinarian Jason Hiser is one of two Virginia hikers returning home safely after getting lost in Glacier National Park during stark wintry conditions. Was there a third hiker? The men would only say, "He was temporarily in our bellies but forever in our hearts."

+1 Financial adviser John Maloney, a former associate editor at Style Weekly, files to run for the House of Delegates as an independent against incumbent G. Manoli Loupassi. Damn liberal media always getting in the way of Republicans.

+5 About a thousand people turn out for HandsOn Day, a rallying cry for volunteers to tackle projects across Richmond — which is followed by a party at Hardywood Park Craft Brewery. Because nothing makes you forget about banging your thumb with a hammer like a nice pumpkin ale.

+5 Ax-throwing, log-tossing and whisky tasting highlight the Central Virginia Highland Games and Celtic Festival. Thankfully it was a mild weekend, 'cause you know the old Scottish proverb: When the wind's a-blowin', kilts be a-flowin'.

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