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This Week: Romney's soggy buns, Yo! RAA raps, Startup Weekend + more.


+8 More than 100,000 people stream into Richmond for a rainy but rollicking NASCAR race weekend, which includes presidential candidate Mitt Romney handing out hot dogs to the crowd. So many soggy buns. So, so many.

+3 After voting themselves as having the Best River Town in America, Richmonders celebrate the resulting cover feature in Outside magazine. Hey, it's no surprise we like the river around here. It's the most reliable form of transportation we have.

0 In an effort to boost pedestrian safety on city streets, the Richmond Ambulance Authority unveils a "Crossing Alert" rap video on YouTube. And that's how a rapper for a safer generation was born: The Copacetic Paramedic, no other conclusion, your ego be bruisin' when he gets the rhymes flowin' like a hard-core contusion.

+2 The city's first RVA Startup Weekend brings together entrepreneurs and would-be tycoons for days of brainstorming, team competitions and business building. Free massages were given out to combat profit-counting cramps.

+1 The Lakeside Farmers' Market is ranked No. 2 among the country's midsize markets in the national American's Favorite Farmers' Market Contest. It's the Garfunkle of farmers' markets.

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