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This Week: Labor Day, Broad Street parking update, cannon permits + more.


+6 With the Labor Day weekend in sight, Richmond heads into the last unofficial week of summer, with vacations ending and kids on their way back to school. In other words, Sweet Frog's about to become a mob scene.

+2 Four Godwin High School graduates — siblings in the Lomaka family of Henrico, the T-D reports — become the first quadruplets to enroll at Virginia Tech. Engineers are already working on a specially designed keg stand.

-3 Clemenza Caserta, who spends part of his time as Stuzzi's executive chef, gets kicked off Gordon Ramsay's "Hell's Kitchen," losing out on being one of the reality show's final four. On the upside, he learned all kinds of new cursing combinations.

+4 After a series of meetings with neighbors, business owners and police, the city takes down longstanding but only recently enforced signs prohibiting late-night parking on West Broad Street. City Hall officials caution that this doesn't mean they've changed their longstanding policy against fun.

+1 The American Civil War Center at Historic Tredegar seeks a city permit, the T-D reports, to hold weekly firing demonstrations of a reproduction 12-pounder Napoleon cannon, loaded with as much as a pound of gunpowder. Aim for Short Pump.

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