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This Week: Romney in Ashland, SportsQuest bankruptcy + more.

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+6 Ashland catering business Homemades by Suzanne gets a blast of publicity when presidential candidate Mitt Romney visits with his new VP pick, buying up some apple, pecan and chocolate pies. "These pies are certainly homemade," Romney said. "They taste as good as the ones baked by my personal chef."

+1 More Ashland news! Writer and teacher Phyllis Theroux is set to become Jennifer Aniston's mother-in-law, with her son, actor Justin Theroux, announcing his engagement to the actress. Just let it sink in: We've all become a few degrees closer to Brad Pitt.

-4 The failed Chesterfield athletic complex, SportsQuest, continues Chapter 7 bankruptcy liquidation, listing what RichmondBizSense reports as $1,030 in assets to $7.35 million in liabilities. Looks like our bank account after that time we hung out with Justin French at Colonial Downs.

+7 More than two dozen jazz artists draw thousands of music fans to the wide-ranging, three-day Richmond Jazz Festival, presented by Altria. Richmonders like their jazz the way they like their cigarettes, in the company of others and smooooth.

+2 The T-D reports that Richmond lawyer Courtney Paulk successfully completed her 14-hour, 25- to 30-mile swim across the English Channel. No one had the heart to tell her the London Olympics had already ended.


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