The Score

This Week: Randy Blythe returns, zombie ballpark shambles back, the RAA raps + more.


+6 Lamb of God's Randy Blythe finally returns to Richmond after his Czech Republic imprisonment for more than a month. A month. In a Prague prison. So yes, it turns out there is something more agonizing than Ryan Seacrest at the Olympics.

+2 Dusting off an idea from three years ago, a group of political, business and civic leaders resurrect discussion about replacing The Diamond with a new ballpark downtown. Also on the docket: high-speed rail, a proposed Arthur Ashe statue on Monument, and a possible secession from the Union.

+8 The 29th annual Carytown Watermelon Festival draws a reported crowd of more than 115,000 people to the shopping district on a hot Sunday afternoon. Seeds! Oh, the seeds! So many seeds!

+3 To get increasingly distracted pedestrians to pay attention when crossing the street, the Richmond Ambulance Authority launches an awareness campaign, complete with an original rap song. We can only hope LL "Not Cool" 2 J-Walk's "Mama Said Look Both Ways" will be available to download free on iTunes.

+1 Richmond mothers and children participate in the Big Latch On, joining a national awareness event with a mass breastfeeding in Capitol Square. Or as Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli calls it, porn.

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