The Score

Tomato fest, another Lincoln flick, rude billboards + more.


+6 An estimated 31,000 people turn out for the annual Hanover Tomato Festival at Pole Green Park, featuring music, costumes and naturally, tomatoes. And after a day in that heat, let's just say a few of those festival goers were smelling pretty ripe.

+3 Production begins in Richmond's backyard on the National Geographic documentary "Killing Lincoln," based on a bestselling book by Bill O'Reilly. Nobody tell him that today's Lincoln would be a Democrat.

+4 Officials announce a $10 million deal to turn the Landmark Theater — formerly the controversially named Mosque — into the Altria Theater, named after the parent company of Philip Morris USA. So to recap on the politically correct scale: Reaping the rewards of cigarette money beats out Islamic insensitivity.

+2 Adding what it calls a "mature and masterful" new star to its collection, the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts announces its acquisition of the 1930 oil painting "Franconia Notch" by Marsden Hartley. As far as art budgets go, we finally got our Farrah Fawcett poster framed.

-1 A Greater Richmond Chamber-sponsored billboard with the slogan, "Get Off in Richmond," comes down after two days over concerns that its double-entendre might be too risqué. Disgruntled copywriters scrap plans for the follow-up campaign, "Richmond: Some Attractive Hookers, If You Know Where to Look."

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