The Score

Strawberry Hill, parking law pickups, volleyball wins + more.


+5 A crowd of more than 5,300 people heads to the 80th Strawberry Hill Races and Colonial Downs' season opener, dropping nearly $142,000 in bets in the races of the day. We gambled on stain-free sundresses. And lost.

+2 After lots of storm warnings, Richmond-area residents batten down the hatches for a big hit, but manage to avoid any tornadoes. Due to recent events in Florida and Canada, however, our Zombie Alert remains at Threat Level: Elevated.

-4 After police begin enforcing parking laws anew, the owner of the Camel is arrested on charges of obstructing justice after trying to buy time for patrons to move cars and avoid tickets in front of his Broad Street music venue. This is why we're not Austin.

+3 Team Bamboo from the Richmond Volleyball Club wins fifth place in the USA Volleyball National Championships. Making bigger sports headlines: Your third cousin just sprained her wrist trying to perfect her pingpong topspin.

+7 One food festival isn't enough over this weekend, with eaters drawn to Broad App├ętit downtown, Flavor out at Innsbrook, the Greek Food Festival in the West End, and the Stone Soul Music and Food Festival on Brown's Island. It's a compass of gluttony, with the needle pointed due south.

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