The Score

Race weekend wins, retreating inchworm army, RVA single women + more.


+6 Race fans flock to Richmond International Raceway for NASCAR weekend, which features Kyle Busch breaking a track record by winning a fourth consecutive spring race with the Capital City 400. Busch takes record-setting laps. We take record-setting naps.

+2 It appears that the long local nightmare of our inchworm invasion is over, with the little buggers dying out, getting eaten or escaping underground. At least Richmond can now say it had a peaceful Occupy movement that ended with no arrests.

-1 Some students and alumni at the University of Richmond and Christopher Newport University are complaining about the selection of Gov. Bob McDonnell as their graduation speaker. Female students just shrugged — they already know when it comes to McDonnell, they don't get a choice.

-3 Speaking of, Richmond gets no mention whatsoever on a new Men's Health list ranking the cities with the most eligible single women — the highest number being in Washington. We now fully support that high-speed train between here and there.

-2 A podiatrist in Colonial Heights is arrested on charges that he traded oxycodone prescriptions for weed, the T-D reports. Let's have a little compassion. If you looked at feet all day, you'd need a little down time too.

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