The Score

Earth Day, 4/20, state budgets + more.


+5 The Richmond Earth Day Festival draws more than 6,000 folks to Manchester for outdoor activities, live music and environmentally friendly partying. Denizens of Pluto, still touchy over their planetary downgrade, mock the festivities as excessive and pretentious.

+2 In other green-related news, some of Richmond's more laid-back citizens mark 4/20 day with celebratory puffs and a rally at Monroe Park calling for an end to the war on drugs. Now this is where the food truck court should have parked.

+1 After rigorous debates, intense number crunching and back-room political dealing, the General Assembly finally passes a state budget. We're still dirt poor, but at least our governor can afford quality hair care.

0 The Greater Richmond Chamber leads a group of business execs and civic boosters on a jaunt to Boston, traveling to find ideas on how to improve Richmond. And so we introduce our new tourism slogan: "You's Guys, Richmond is Wicked Good."

+1 The University of Richmond announces final-exam breaks for students, which include food, games, massages and stress-relieving playtime with dogs that are brought on campus. For those of you who attended that 4/20 celebration, don't worry, they're not that kind of dogs.

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