The Score


+6 The RVA Street Art Festival brings local and national artists to the flood wall along the James River, painting murals that create a sweeping outdoor art exhibit. Now if we can just make the river smell as good as it looks.

+4 Alternative-rock station The X holds its Chili Cookoff, drawing thousands of folks to the Richmond Raceway Complex for a day of live music, beer drinking and giant vats of simmering meat. And on this day, men became men. Big, happy, farting men.

-1 After its splashy local arrival at a party in Chesterfield, the designer drug 25i gets the attention of the governor, who adds it to legislation that cracks down on man-made drugs, including snortable bath salts. Geez, weed needs a new P.R. guy.

-3 Longtime pork, pie and limeade destination Bill's Barbecue scales down from eight restaurants to three, citing economic concerns. It's the first time in history this place has been associated with belt tightening.

+2 For a Wal-Mart campaign, the Martin Agency lands the big victory at the Richmond Ad Club's annual competition, which gives out cannonball awards for the best locally created advertising work. Ironically, the only thing we can't seem to sell is the Civil War.

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