The Score


+3 The T-D reports on a potential deal with the 30 protesters arrested during a women's rights rally at the State Capitol, in which charges could be dropped against those arrested if they perform community service. Such as holding a women's rights rally against ridiculous legislation proposed by the General Assembly.

+8 Thousands of people flock to Monument Avenue on Sunday for the annual Easter on Parade, showcasing fancy, colorful, big and beautiful hats. It's a great opportunity for white folks to dress like they're going to a black church.

+4 And amid the Easter parade music, revelry and sunny weather are lots of dogs — dogs wearing bonnets, scarves and rabbit ears. We subject them to this, yet ban them from eating chocolate bunnies?

-3 NBC-12 reports on a "Wake Up Call" anti-theft initiative by Richmond police in certain neighborhoods, where they'll knock on your door between midnight and 4 a.m. if you've left any valuables in your car within plain sight. Sure, you might have the crap scared out of you in the middle of the night, but at least you'll save that iPod.

-2 A grand reopening to showcase interior improvements to Richmond's Krispy Kreme shop is put on hold after a minivan runs into the store. Yet another sugar crash.

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