The Score


+5 The VCU Rams find out they'll play the Wichita State Shockers in NCAA tournament in Portland, Ore., on Thursday. Shockers, meet Shaka, Shaka, Shokers. Shokers, Shaka. …

0 Gov. Bob McDonnell appears on NBC's "Meet the Press," answering questions about his presidential endorsement, the economy and, most contentious, his backing of the controversial ultrasound bill. He's feeling pretty good about his performance, until someone mentions that women have the right to vote.

-4 Speaking of Virginia's General Assembly, lawmakers adjourn without agreeing to a budget. On the upside, they adjourned.

-9 The State Fair of Virginia goes bankrupt, putting the future of the long-running event in limbo. As for the deed to the property, it will be put up for sale as soon as it's battered, deep-fried and impaled on a stick.

+3 A Richmond contingent of hipsters, techno geeks and music enthusiasts invades Austin for South by Southwest. Either that or a whole lot of people are just hiding out in their bedrooms and tweeting about Jay-Z, Sean Parker and Likester. #sxsw #nofilter

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