The Score


+6 The VCU Rams head to the CAA tournament finals on Monday night, just as we're going to press. Whatever the outcome, those Drexel kids are punks.

0 Super Tuesday! Most over-hyped holiday ever, followed closely by Free Cookie with Purchase Leap Day at Subway.

-8 During a women's rights rally at Capitol Square, 30 demonstrators are arrested on charges of trespassing and unlawful assembly. Gov. McDonnell says not to worry, he's conducting a probe of the situation.

-5 The downtown summer music series Fridays at Sunset announces that it's pulling the plug after more than 400 concerts in 18 years. For those of you who are fans of Friday Cheers, Fridays at Sunset was the other one.

+1 Richmond unveils its new virtual badge in the smart-phone geo-location game FourSquare, which it won in a Twitter-fueled online contest after … oh just forget it, we're starting to outnerd ourselves.

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