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+1 Virginia violin star Ann Marie Calhoun, a former member of Old School Freight Train, gets tons of screen time performing from the balcony with the orchestra at the Academy Awards. So she can always say she played Billy Crystal’s funeral.

-3 Confederate re-enactors create a scene when they rally on Monument Avenue, waving flags and dressing in period costume. Uh, hey guys, Spielberg’s back in L.A.

+4 In the midst of his political party’s meltdown, Gov. Bob McDonnell takes a moment to enjoy some wine, awarding the Virginia Governor’s Cup to Glen Manor Vineyards 2009 Hodder Hill Meritage. McDonnell says he considered it to be a fine wine from the moment of grapevine germination.

-6 The T-D reports that the Mechanicsville woman who faked cancer to scam people out of money will get no jail time and have to pay a $50 fine. So she’s right up there with such hardened criminals as noise-ordinance violators.

+2 We head into the week that includes Leap Day — an extra 24 hours not to be confused with the Leap Second, which will be added to the clocks June 30. Either way, we refuse to participate till Quantum Leap Day, when Scott Bakula finally will get the recognition he deserves.


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