The Score

Ephemeral snow, abortion politics and musical lions.


+5 The season's first significant snow lands on Richmond, making a big splash before quickly fading away. It was the Newt Gingrich of snowfalls. Only not as bitterly cold.

-6 Virginia legislators score national headlines, talk-show segments and a lashing from "Saturday Night Live," in part for a bill defining life as beginning at conception. You might think it's bad politics, but someone's walking away with the zygote vote.

0 Rallying against the personhood bill and legislation that could require abortion patients to get a transvaginal ultrasound, hundreds of people line the walkways of Capital Square in silent protest. We're sure lawmakers will get around to the economy eventually. Right?

-1 In Chesterfield County, police search for a man who attempted to rob a CVS pharmacy, describing him as having prosthetic legs. Police say he wasn't armed.

+4 The national tour of "The Lion King" opens at the Landmark Theater, bringing a colorful spectacle of intricate costumes, puppets and visual effects. It's like Gwar goes to Africa, without all the bodily fluids.

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