The Score

Cheap flyers high-five, Buddy’s regulars rejoice, a cruel trick on busty waitresses.


+8 After buying AirTran Airways and converting operations, low-cost airline Southwest announces that it will stay put in Richmond. We can't wait — Southwest has such great customer service every pat down comes with a call the next morning.

+5 Richmond breaks ground on a new $134.6 million jail after two years of fits, starts and flubs, paving the way for a modern facility to replace the old, overcrowded one. But you still have to look elsewhere for fur-lined handcuffs.

+3 A few thousand Facebook fans help convince the landlord of Buddy's to negotiate a three-year lease for the longtime Fan bar instead of following through with his plan to let the lease expire at the end of the year. And after this miraculous moment there was much exuberance and great rejoicing throughout the land, followed by voluminous back-alley vomiting.

+1 The Edgar Allan Poe Museum searches for actors to play such authors as F. Scott Fitzgerald and Gertrude Stein at a special celebration in April. Yes, back in the days when writers needed only good stories, strong bourbon and a few healthy romps with Hemingway.

-3 reports on a Craigslist ad that asks women to send in photos as part of an interview process for the restaurant chain Twin Peaks, which is followed by an update revealing the ad as a hoax. Don't strippers already have enough shattered dreams?

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