The Score

A weekly rating of the city zeitgeist.

-2 Out of Election Day, the state Senate comes out tied, with 20 Republicans and 20 Democrats, leaving tie-breaking votes to someone who isn’t even a senator — Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling, a Republican. He hasn’t felt this special since he got to be in the Buena Vista Labor Day parade. +4 Throwing a twist into the Occupy Richmond protest, Richmond Free Press Publisher and Editor Raymond H. Boone offers his yard for an encampment — right next door to the mayor’s house. This is actually the premise of a new CBS fall sitcom called “Everybody Loves Boone (Except 1 Percent).” +2 Maggie Walker sophomore Samantha Marquez, who came up with 3-D organized cell structures called celluidosomes, is inducted into the National Gallery for America’s Young Inventors. She beat out the submissions of several 16-year-olds who believed they’d engineered the first Mountain-Dew-can bong. +3 Justin Timberlake comes to town as the date of Cpl. Kelsey De Santis to the Marine Corps Ball at the Greater Richmond Convention Center. That whimpering sound you heard was Joey Fatone, alone with a TV dinner. -1 Some Richmonders get caught up in the mystical date 11-11-11, wondering what wonderful or horrible things would happen. It was like Election Day all over again.

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