The Score

A weekly rating of the city zeitgeist.


+8 Richmond celebrates Halloween, a day for children to roam the streets for candy while their city pulls tighter its own mask, cowering from its identity, if true identity exists, the realization of a lost search for meaning, ensconced in unreality, frightened of revealing everything — and nothing. Plus, there’s candy corn.

0 Members of Occupy Richmond search for a way to keep their protest alive a day after their 15-night encampment at Kanawha Plaza is ended by police in a 1 a.m. raid that ends in bulldozers. Leave it to the Man to resolve conflicts with heavy machinery.

+4 On the upside, there are no injuries or violence reported during the overnight shutdown of Occupy Richmond’s camp. Well, except for that one guy who suffered the s’mores marshmallow burn.

-5 Peggy Baggett resigns her long-held post as executive director of the Virginia Commission for the Arts. She declines to say what she’ll do next. After working with nine Virginia governors, hundreds of General Assembly members and countless nonprofit administrators, she’s spent enough time in Disneyland.

+9 After being missing for five days, spawning intense local concern and thousands of volunteer searchers, Robert Wood Jr., an 8-year-old autistic boy, is found alive and well near a quarry in Hanover County. That kid’s gonna have a good Thanksgiving.

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