The Score

A weekly rating of the city zeitgeist.


+9 Richmond goes fest hopping on a weekend filled with Hogtober in Church Hill, the 2nd Street Festival, the Italian Festival, the State Fair and more. You see, in Richmond if you have pork, we’ll travel.

-1 City Council members start talking about raises for … wait for it … City Council members. We don’t blame them for wanting a boost. With all these taxes and fees it’s just getting so darn expensive to live in Richmond.

+2 The Byrd Theatre gets a nod from USA Today in a list of 10 Great Places to “See a Movie in Splendor.” Its seats also help the theater snag a place on the “Seven Hot Spots to Find New Patients” list in Chiropractic Weekly’s special back spasm issue.

-4 A casting director for Spielberg’s Lincoln movie says most of the thousands of Richmonders who turned out for parts as extras didn’t make the cut, so the search continues. Apparently we’re “Civil War enough,” but not “Hollywood Civil War enough.”

+1 Speaking of Spielberg, Gov. Bob McDonnell has the director over to the Executive Mansion as his guest for a private, no-media-allowed reception in honor of the movie’s Virginia filming. See, those Hollywood liberals and right-wing conservatives can get along just fine, as long as mini crab cakes are involved and money’s changing hands.

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