The Score

A weekly rating of the city zeitgeist.


-2 Richmond goes a week with no President Obama or Sir Richard Branson visits, no NASCAR races, hurricanes, or downtown music festivals. This place was so quiet the people on Twitter had to go back to talking about themselves.

-4 Hurricane Irene may be long gone, but some frustrated residents are still operating without phone, cable and Internet service. On the upside, all those Lincoln movie extras are getting ahead on their method acting.

+3 The city is host to some 1,000 SWAT team members, in town for the National Tactical Operations Conference. So if you see a guy with a Hello name tag on his riot shield, that’s why.

+1 Gov. Bob McDonnell gets preliminary approval from the feds to add tolls to Interstate 95 near the North Carolina line. Fine with us, as long as we get a refund every time we have to drive through Woodbridge.

-5 On their home turf, despite a valiant effort, the Richmond Flying Squirrels lose the Eastern League Championship to the New Hampshire Fisher Cats. Nuts.

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