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Special Shecky Greene Post-Irene Edition

-2 How many Richmonders does it take to change a light bulb? Five. One to change it, four to hold the flashlights.

-1 What’s on second. Who’s on first? The guy down the street with the generator.

-1 I saw a lineman who was still using a Bronco bucket truck. How old was it? It was so old Moses used it to restore the Red Sea.

-2 Your mom’s a bucket truck.

+4 But seriously, folks. This isn’t the first Irene we needed cold showers for.

+7 Power’s back on and your refrigerator’s running. You’d better go catch it.

-5 Knock knock. Who’s there? Dominion. Dominion who? Dominion you get da electricity, you realize your cable’s still out.


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