The Score

A weekly rating of the city zeitgeist.


+1 A great horde of VCU students — including some 3,800 freshmen — move into dorms and apartments across town. Which reminds us of an old joke: Why did the VCU student cross the road? To get in my freakin’ way!

+4 Gov. Bob McDonnell announces that Virginia has a surplus of $544.8 million, or approximately $68 per Virginian. So, there’s $68 you’ll never see again.

-1 But really, pulling off a state budget surplus in the midst of such a terrible economy! Can you imagine how proud all those laid-off state workers must be?

+6 The 10th Best Friends Day draws jubilant revelers to a four-day festival featuring bands, outdoor competitions and partying at Hadad’s Lake. As is tradition, the festival is followed by a Facebook-tagging event of stunning proportions.

+7 The Glen Allen Youth Athletic Association kicks off its week as host to the Babe Ruth National World Series, drawing 14-year-old baseball players from across the country to RF&P Park. There are reports of mass juicing, but it turns out to be Capri Sun.

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