The Score

A weekly rating of the city zeitgeist.


0 And just like that, Gov. Bob McDonnell declares his interest in a vice presidential bid and becomes chairman of the Republican Governors Association. Because hey, why would Virginia possibly need its leader’s undivided attention?

+3 College students roll back to town, filling the city with fresh eyes, youthful spirit and an unspoiled zest for life. We fully support all forms of detachment from reality that will keep them from getting our jobs in four years.

+7 The Richmond Jazz Festival proves it isn’t a one-hit wonder, returning for a second year and luring fans to Maymont. The only snag was Animal Control showing up for all those wailing groovy cats. Dig it.

-4 Organizers of the First Fridays Art Walk announce that the September event is canceled because it falls on Labor Day, and to allow time to deal with growing crowds and unruly youth. We suggest a Jackson Pollock-like splattering of bouncers.

-2 In Powhatan County, a man is arrested on charges related to the discovery of more than 800 marijuana plants. Why don’t we just change Powhatan’s name to Humboldt and start raking in the cash from glaucoma sufferers?

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