The Score

A weekly rating of the city zeitgeist.


+8 It’s a weekend of connecting with nature, as Richmonders head to Carytown for the Watermelon Festival, Shockoe Bottom for the bird festival and Henricus Historical Park for a mud run. All involved lots of baby wipes.

-4 Despite attempts to deal with masses of teenagers showing up to the First Fridays Art Walk, the event is marred by some rowdy crowds and fighting. Can’t we all just call it post-modern performance art and get along?

-2 A 91-year-old retired pastor is accused of shooting another man in the leg following an altercation. We’re guessing he was more of an Old Testament scholar.

-3 The T-D reports on Fan residents being overwhelmed by trash in alleys following the hordes of Virginia Commonwealth University students moving out. On the upside, those of you looking for patchouli-scented futons were living high on the hog!

+2 Vanity Fair reveals the mystery woman kissing Elvis in a famous photo taken at what’s now Richmond’s Landmark Theater as Barbara Gray, a 75-year-old real estate manager in Charleston, S.C. And thus originates the world’s worst conversation starter: Dude, guess where my grandma’s tongue has been!

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