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+1 The all-male Benedictine High School changes its name to Benedictine College Preparatory. But officials are still working to rebrand the locker-room smell.

-5 The city announces that it’s picked a Denver-based creative company to help sell Richmond’s Department of Economic and Community Development. At first, this reminded us of “Mork and Mindy,” but it turns out that television show was set in Boulder. So we don’t know that much about Denver.

0 But then we looked up Denver on Wikipedia, which tell us it is “a consolidated city-county with a mayor elected on a nonpartisan ballot.” There’s also something about a “Mile-High Club”? Go Broncos!

+4 Mayor Dwight Jones accepts Foreign Direct Investment magazine’s “Best Small American City of the Future” award. Investor tip: Put your cash in Big Talk — that’s a local stock always on the rise.

-6 A Richmond police officer is arraigned on three charges of embezzlement, the department announces. Eyebrows were raised after he kept washing down his doughnuts with a flute of chilled Cristal.


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