The Score

A weekly rating of the city zeitgeist.


+6 Richmond celebrates its independence — going out on the town (and through police checkpoints) eating out (while paying one of the state’s highest meals taxes) and setting off fireworks (most of them illegal). Hurrah for freedom!

0 Tons of new laws go into effect at the hands of the General Assembly. The happiest among us? Lawyers.

+2 Shockoe Bottom gets an ABC store, which according to Mapquest calculations is 0.52 miles away from our downtown offices, a 1-minute drive or, by foot, 7.8 minutes, if one were walking at 4 miles per hour. Not that it matters to us or anything.

-1 The T-D reports that a small fire must be put out in a concession kitchen area at The Diamond, but all is well. Plus, this gives Nutzy a chance to hawk his roasted nuts.

+1 We’re really not sure if something huge happened over the weekend, because we went to press early for the holidays. So you know, just fill in the blank here, add some snark, drop in a risqué reference to Gene Cox and we’ll call it a day.

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