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+5 In the lead-up to the July Fourth weekend, vacations begin and the city takes on a sense of calm, quiet serenity. Even Nutzy says he’s going to spend the weekend just gliding, man. Just gliding.

-1 Speaking of silence, City Council tackles a new noise ordinance after its last one was ruled unconstitutional. Hey, if you really want quiet, just move next to CenterStage.

+4 The T-D reports that 80 miles of roads in the city will be designated bike-friendly — with money from the state — giving bikers more room to share the road. This is a great leap forward for both environmentalists and Spandex.

0 The Chamber of Commerce charges $125 a head for Richmonders to attend i.e.*, a conference that asks local creatives to discuss innovation. They got the idea from a conference on innovative moneymaking.

+6 Gotta run. Saw a one-armed man throwing a fireworks sale up in Doswell. One-armed men always have the best fireworks.


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