The Score

A weekly rating of the city zeitgeist.


+1 Building owners of the popular neighborhood bar Philip’s Continental Lounge tell the T-D that local restaurateur Johnny Giavos will take over the place. Foodies zero in on the pressing issue: Does hummus pair well with vodka limeade?

-6 In what’s becoming a monthly tradition, City Auditor Umesh Dalal releases a report about waste at City Hall — this time saying Richmond must pay back $671,000 to the state after financial flubs in the foster-care system. Mayor, perhaps your dream of becoming a tier-one city should first include conquering fifth-grade math.

+5 The cross-dressing bank robber in Chesterfield is arrested after making more attempts to take money using a dress, wig and purse as part of his disguise. Note for next time: Wax your knuckles before passing your note to the teller.

-2 NBC-12 reports that some residents of Shockoe Bottom are petitioning the courts about late-night weekend noise at a nearby nightclub. Might we suggest moving closer to Councilman Charles Samuels? There’s a special No-Hootin’-No-Hollerin’ Zone within a 50-foot radius of his presence.

+8 Richmonders return from Memorial Day weekend dazed, sweaty and a little tipsy on grilled meats. Same way we feel when we get back from Tijuana, minus the syphilis.

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