The Score

A weekly rating of the city zeitgeist.


+5 Despite the rain, spirits don't seem dampened at Dominion Riverrock, which draws enthusiastic crowds to the outdoor sports festival on and around Brown's Island. In fact, new competitions emerge, such as the mudslide relay to the Porta-John.

+1 The T-D reports on identical twins Alissa and Ariel Barlow, who are graduating as co-valedictorians from Armstrong High School with an identical GPA of 4.47619. That's pi, right? We co-failed geometry with our identical twin after spending too many nights co-partying.

+4 College graduation parties continue across the region. And parents continue to participate in a ritual that's increasingly known as turn-the-home-gym-back-into-a-bedroom day.

-4 After luring thousands of people to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, the expansive Picasso exhibit ends its run in Richmond. Now we can all go back to staring at those mall posters until we see a sailboat.

+3 The Times-Dispatch names Daniel P. Finnegan as its new editor. He pledges to raise journalism standards to those of the Gray Lady — not a reference to the New York Times, but rather the paper's remaining subscriber.

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