The Score

A weekly rating of the city zeitgeist.


-1 A flash mob descended upon the Strawberry Street festival over the weekend. Richmond, 2003 called and would like to welcome you back.

+2 The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts is keeping the Picasso exhibit open till midnight on its last two nights before the show leaves town. We encourage you to treat the midnight showing as you would a screening of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" — dress as his blue or rose period and yell at the art. If you get the midnight munchies, we hear that the Fabergé eggs are delicious.

0 All aboard! The Chamber boys, led by T-D Publisher Tom Silvestri, finally secure a victory in high-speed rail playoffs, snagging a chunk of Florida's $2.4 billion give back. Four million dollars! Way to go, TAS! All we need is another $796 million or so.

+4 Shaka Smart's singing at Wrigley Field, J-Rod's at the White House for Cinco de Mayo (although he is Puerto Rican) and Justin Verlander (he's a Goochlander) tosses his second no-hitter for the Tigers. See, Richmond really is a sports town once you leave.

+3 Steven Spielberg picks Richmond to film his Lincoln movie, thanks to all the "period architecture" and, of course, some state tax incentives. Oh, and in some parts of town, he doesn't have to spend any money on costumes or sets.

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