the score

A weekly rating of the city zeitgeist.


Special Edition: Rams Recovery

-3 March Madness gives way to ennui, then slight chills and clammy hands. Basketball exhaustion is the new spring fever, accompanied by hangovers, pollen and trading favorite riot stories. Pass the antihistamines.

+2 Coach Shaka Smart takes a nap. He dreams about being a millionaire. He awakes a gazillionaire.

-5 City employees are arrested on charges that they gamed the system to get almost $13,000 in overtime pay. But when it is revealed that they spent the money on official Final Four T-shirts, they are exonerated by Joey Rodriguez.

+3 What? Did someone say Joey Rodriguez? That's right, the Virginia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce announces that he's going to receive the group's Impacto Latino Award. We failed Spanish, but we think this means "Latin Impact" or "Sexy Baller."

+6 The celebration's over, and we turn to the next season. Rodney the Ram emerges from the private fetish-themed nightclub Fallout in Shockoe Bottom, grinning from horn to horn.

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