The Score

A weekly rating of the city zeitgeist.


+7 Richmonders gather around televisions to watch the Super Bowl and happily revel in American consumerism. After the commercials, some people even head out to buy a Groupon deal on 50 percent off good taste. 

-3 The AAA warns that average gas prices in Virginia are topping $3 per gallon, likely to prompt lots of blaming and complaining about the Middle East. Yes, clearly those pesky Egyptians are overthrowing their government in an effort to push electric cars on us. 

+4 Speaking of Egypt, we're told that Anderson Cooper is back in the country and still plans to headline the Richmond Forum on Feb. 19 and 20. Also, organizers say that despite the jostling he went through overseas, he is still “totally dreamy.” 

-5 City Council aide Jennifer Walle files a lawsuit against the city, Council President Kathy Graziano and her liaison, David Hathcock, charging that the city didn't properly handle her complaints of sexual harassment. We're waiting on the mayor to weigh in on this never. 

+3 A group of city boosters, ad agencies and other local groups launch, an effort to get the public involved in creating a stronger brand identity for Richmond. Wait, isn't that why we got Nutzy? 

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