The Score

A weekly rating of the city zeitgeist.


+2 After a two-year period of reflection, the Science Museum of Virginia declares that it's redefining its mission. Longtime fans fear this may mark the end of a core commitment to “Out of Order” signs and Imax films about sturgeon. 

+1 Speaking of sturgeon … the Department of Environmental Quality announces that it's launching a study to identify the kinds of toxins that contaminate the James River. Sounds like some catfish have been flouting the state's no-smoking laws. 

-6 Speaking of smoking …a state senator introduces a bill to criminalize herbal incense, a kind of “fake marijuana” that's legal in Virginia. Because he just doesn't think police are busy enough. 

-1 Speaking of a misguided effort … Traffic reports highlight Prince George County, where a tractor-trailer carrying some 200 live hogs overturns on Route 10. The driver's doing well, but the hogs are going to be executed and eaten. 

+4 Speaking of animals … The T-D reports on an effort by the Richmond chapter of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and animal control officers to trap some 75 feral cats in Gilpin Court, spaying or neutering them and releasing them into a nearby “wooded area with shelter and feeding stations.” It's all the features of prison, really: free food, shelter and unpleasant sex. 

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