The Score

A weekly rating of the city zeitgeist.


+1 Peter Mark, the longtime artistic director booted from the Virginia Opera, announces that he's starting his own opera company. “I will show them all!” he thunders, shaking his fist in the air, shedding his black cape and stomping off to take a bath in bitter, glorious revenge. 

+1 The Virginia Tourism Corporation and Virginia Film Office roll out their new public service announcement featuring Gov. Bob McDonnell and Garth Brooks. Ah, so politicians are what Brooks meant by “Friends in Low Places.” 

+2 The University of Richmond expands transportation options for students, adding access to a ride-sharing website, self-service Zipcars and a downtown shuttle. Note to students: This will not affect existing services. Those who drive Mercedes are still eligible for a free tire rotation by President Ed Ayers every 3,000 miles; personal chauffeurs will continue to receive half-off coupons for their monthly hat shinings; and your mom may deduct mileage when she stops by to do laundry. 

-5 The webmaster of the popular local aggregator says he's cutting back the site to food news while he diverts his energies to a book on restaurants. Well, that and seeing what this whole fresh air and sunlight thing is all about. 

+4 Court charges are dropped against that guy who stripped to his underwear at the Richmond International Airport to protest invasive security measures. But his abs of steel are declared a crime of sexy proportions.

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