The Score

A weekly rating of the city zeitgeist.


+2 On the eve of Christmas Eve, Mechanicsville native and pop star Jason Mraz announces his engagement to singer and songwriter Tristan Prettyman over Twitter, writing: “SHE SAID YES.” Then they snuggled up for some hot and heavy Facebook poking. 

-7 A Christmas storm strands holiday travelers in airport terminals, at the train depot and on guest beds across the city. And if you stood just downwind of the Greyhound station after the long winter's night, you could have caught the magical whiff of Santa's cold and clammy underbelly. 

-3 After closing for Christmas Day, the city's new skating rink, RVA on Ice, shuts down on Sunday because of the winter weather. Because, you know, who wants to be outside with all this ice? 

0 Heading into New Year's weekend, Richmonders get ready to bid adieu to 365 days of iPads, foreclosures, no more Ukrop's and Ken Cuccinelli. Goodbye 2010, to which some people are referring as the Year of What the Hell Just Happened. 

+9 Then again, there's hope for 2011, what with Jason Mraz getting married and the city's new ice-skating rink and whatnot. That's right, kids, this year it's time to dream big. 

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