The Score

A weekly rating of the city zeitgeist.


-2 Predictably, Richmonders go nuts with the season's first significant snowfall, drawing state troopers to more than 100 reported car crashes in the metro area on Monday morning. It didn't help that half those drivers were tweeting about the snow. 

-4 As the Times-Dispatch reports, the city fails to get its own permits in line before beginning construction on its new downtown ice rink. Apparently even City Hall can't understand City Hall's red tape. 

+6 A dozen boats strung with holiday lights draw revelers to the 18th James River Parade of Lights. Only a few catfish were electrocuted. And they were yummy. 

0 With his lawsuit against Obamacare, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli gets one step closer to the U.S. Supreme Court after a federal judge in Virginia rules parts of it unconstitutional. We hope Cuccinelli's not sick on his big day. 

-2 The owners of a tattoo parlor in Chesterfield continue to hit hurdles with worried neighbors and officials while attempting to open for business, the Chesterfield Observer reports. Guys, just tack on a gun range. That'll fly through approval faster than Chesterfield babies get their ears pierced.

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