The Score

A weekly rating of the city zeitgeist.


-5 Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli advises principals and teachers that it's OK to seize and search phones and laptops of students suspected of cyber bullying and sexting. Cooch says administrators should also check to make sure Little Jimmy isn't doing any climate research.

-2 Virginia Tech thumps University of Virginia, 37-7, while the Hokies' star pupil, Michael Vick, makes the cover of Sports Illustrated. And in related news, the temperature in Hell today will hover right around freezing.

+3 Black Friday jump-starts the holiday shopping season, the Wall Street Journal reports, luring 212 million shoppers who spent an average $363.34 over the weekend. Meanwhile, somewhere on the coast, a couple thousand lemmings are laughing their asses off.

-4 Despite national protests, some travelers at Richmond International Airport tell the Times-Dispatch they don't really mind full-body searches and pat downs. The newspaper's publisher, self-appointed civic cheerleader Tom Silvestri, immediately brainstorms a new slogan: “Metro Richmond: Easy to Grope.”

+3 Actor and all-around eccentric Crispin Glover is making an appearance at the Byrd Theatre on Friday, showing his film “It is Fine! Everything is Fine!,” signing books, and answering questions from the audience. The only question the Score has: “When will we get our damn Hover Boards!”

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